Where do you begin when you’re trying to adopt a healthier diet to heal leaky gut? 


Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to changing your diet? You know your stomach needs an overhaul. You can feel the bloat, constipation, and stomach discomfort day in and day out, but every time you think of changing your diet you get stuck in analysis paralysis. You get on the world wide web and start looking up gut healing foods, but you end up scrolling for hours because EVERYONE has the magic “solution”. Keto, paleo, vegan, the list goes on and on and you don’t feel any closer to a solution than when you started. SIGH. Am I speaking your language? 

So that leads me to my next question……where do you actually begin? What is ACTUALLY the truth?

The answer to that question is simply this….no one is 100% correct.

Now before you feel defeated, let me explain why understanding this will actually bring you clarity.

The reason there is no  magic solution for everyone is simply because we are all created unique and have unique needs. For instance Rebecca may be sensitive to blueberries, while Jill thrives off of them. Blueberries are on the Paleo approved list. Rebecca and Jill both decide to do a paleo diet together, and Rebecca looses weight, improves her energy, and even develops clearer skin, yet Jill is sitting over there with an upset stomach and so frustrated!! So you see one diet can not be everyone’s saving grace, because we all have different microbiomes! What works for one person simply may not work for another because their gut bacteria is different. One may have yeast in the gut, while the other has bacterial overgrowth happening. 

So how do you get to the happy place in your gut health then? Where the heck do you even start? 

As a Functional Medicine health coach that has lived through digestive hell, I can tell you that it is really important to first and foremost get off the processed junk, the sugars, the chemical laden foods. Those are not serving anyone, no matter what diet you are on! 

I like to teach my clients to push the reset button on their gut FIRST by eliminating foods that are inflammatory, feed yeast in the gut, meet with them 1:1 and help them weed through the possible different gut infections or digestive weaknesses that need addressed, then we BUILD on that. 

A few helpful tips when you are just starting out are…..

– Eat whole foods vs processed as much as you can. 

– Eat as organic as possible. Also switch your meats to organic, grass fed, and wild caught. 

– Cook, roast, or steam your veggies before eating them. This gives your stomach a break and isn’t as hard to break down vs raw veggies. 

– Eating herbs can be helpful. They can help to kill off bad bacteria and yeast in the gut. Oregano and thyme are my two favorites, because they go after yeast and bad bacteria.

My kids and I just picked some today from our garden! You can also buy them at the store if that is easier!  






It can feel really hard to find clarity when each and everyday you are in constant discomfort. Sometimes we just need a simple plan so we can get into action and stop spinning our wheels. I know I needed that back in the day, which is why I created a simple cheat sheet for you below. It’s my gift to you this week. I wish I had this when I was just starting out. 


You have to start somewhere right?! 


What can you do today to help yourself?? 


Step #1 – Drop perfection. We live in a culture of food everywhere, and it is not easy to make diet changes! If you are trying you are winning. Always remember that! 


Step #2 – Take a deep breath! 


Step #3 – Download my gluten dairy and sugar free swap sheet below! It will help you get started!



Step # 4 – Schedule Your free 20 Min Leaky Gut Analysis Coaching Session with me. I am offering them to help give you the extra support you deserve! Click the link to select the time that works best for you https://calendly.com/hollinesbitt/30-minute-discovery-call?fbclid=IwAR0srNVNi0ngethTD-SkW8bTl4zCPNKFPeZkxzxVWpsL66YyEHfMqaGRl5w&month=2021-07