The exclusive course for moms who want to raise families naturally, without overwhelm!

Simple recipes, swaps and remedies for keeping your family well naturally.

Inside this course you’ll get video trainings, guides, recipes and tools to help you cultivate wellness with simple actionable steps for your whole family.

You’ll learn where to focus your energy to achieve optimal results.

Skip the google rabbit trail looking for natural remedies or low-tox ingredients. This course is your one stop shop for low-tox living.

Imagine if you could ….

Have effective natural remedies on hand for common illnesses you and your kids develop.

Have access to simple detox strategies you can do at home to optimize your entire family’s health. 

Know how to screen your personal care products for chemicals and access a cheat sheet of swaps to help you get started vs spending hours researching ingredient lists. 

Clean eating swaps for the whole family, cheat sheets for the grocery to identify cleaner brands quickly, plus a handful of meal days already made for you.

Access vaccine detox education from Dr. Parks, Ph.D in cellular and molecular biology.

And more!!

I support you every step of the way!

So…what’s included?

Five Trainings are Included in This Course to help you:

  • Detox Your Home & Personal Care– It’s hard enough to sort through 100’s of items in the marketplace, let alone figure out which items actually perform well. Skip a step, and instantly access quality, low tox products all in one spot.
  • Detox Your Body– Detox strategies the whole family can use to help you combat various environmental insults.
  • Create Your Wellness Cabinet– Learn how to use over forty wellness tips that will help your family thrive naturally.
  • Detox Your Diet– Simple, clean eating recipes the whole family will love.
  • Vaccines– What every mom needs to know, and educational resources for informed consent.

Simple Swaps

Finally make switching to healthier swaps simple vs complicated.

Effective Methods

Access protocols and remedies from nature that are tested and proven to help you and your family stay healthy. Optimize all areas of your health with a full body, functional medicine root cause approach vs a masking symptoms approach. No longer feel like antibiotics are the only “solution”. Gain confidence and knowledge with the education you’ll receive inside this course.

Time Saving Tips

Access cheat sheets for clean food, personal care items, and detox methods. Finally have the best resources on hand all in one spot done for you!

Overwhelmed with making healthy swaps? Looking for natural remedies? Confused about what chemicals to avoid? This course will solve all of those for you!

Thankful for Holli’s wealth of knowledge on many things! First and foremost for her ability to help me understand different things that would benefit my family. From certain foods to avoid to heal the gut and also how we should activate our body, not just supplement. Also how she cares for you as a person and has your best interest in mind. She is willing to do whatever she can to help you get through any health problem that may arises! I’ve called on her many times….especially here recently with my sons asthma. She educated me on certain foods to avoid and some natural vitamins to boost his immune system! I’m so thankful for all that she’s done to help my family!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Are the recipes in this course allergy friendly?

Yes, they are all gluten, dairy, refined sugar free. They focus on organic and colorful with a wide variety of whole foods.

Will I have lifetime access to this course after purchasing?

Yes. All the videos, pdfs, and downloadable cheat sheets will be available to watch whenever you'd like. 

How long will this course take to complete?

This is a self pace course. The time to consume the content will vary from person to person. 

Will I be able to ask questions and get added support?

Yes, you can email all questions about the course to [email protected]

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