The perfect at home business opportunity for moms!

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to create an income stream from home in the wellness industry!

Now that you’ve watched the brief overview, you may be wondering…..



Do I have to be a wellness expert to grow a wellness based business? 

Nope! We teach you how to position yourself as the messenger vs the expert.

How quickly will I make money?

You can start making money in as little as your first 30 days. This business model is designed to grow overtime and create residual income for you. There are upfront bonuses you can make, as well as a residual paycheck you will grow overtime as you stay consistent and coachable. 

Do I need to have a large following or social media presence?

Nope! I only had 400 fb friends when I started and overtime and was able to grow my business successfully following our system consistently overtime. It works!

How do I know what to send people when they ask about the products or the business opportunity?

We provide you with educational links and resources you can easy send them via text or messenger.

What if people have more questions and I don’t know how to explain the business or products?

We have 3 resources already built for you!

1. Educational facebook groups filled with testimonials, and product education.

2. Wellness Wednesday workshops hosted on zoom you can invite people to, to learn more.

3. Me as your mentor to connect prospects to, to help answer any further questions they may have!


Hear how Sam, busy mom of six, grew her business!

Imagine if you could……



-Contribute to your family’s finances and create more financial flexibility

-Help others get healthy naturally by sharing helpful resources and make a greater impact in the world. 

– Create income to pay for your family’s own wellness products 

-Never need to commute or hire a sitter again 

– Have a completely improved life and financial situation 5 years from now all because you said yes today!

When you decide to start your own business you…….




  • Get 1:1 mentor support

  • Access to weekly team calls

  • Access to a step by step training success system to help you grow your business online and create results

  • Social media training to attract clients to you

  • Training on how to build your personal brand 

  • And more!

Here’s what people just like you are saying about the business…

“Let me count the ways…I love that we get to attract our tribe (people with like-minded values) to partner together in business for sure, but also in growing ourselves in every way possible – our faith, our relationships, our communication skills, our self-confidence, our knowledge of health and wellness.

I love that this is an opportunity with no glass ceiling, and the way in which we make money is by helping people to become the best versions of themselves. I love that we do not convince people to buy a product they don’t need…we GET TO offer the single biggest breakthrough in the history of natural health. We get to remind people that God designed a miracle body, and we can help them activate those miracle bodies with a tiny flip of the switch using natural herbs that are non-toxic to the body! I love that we get to witness people’s lives changing daily and that by sharing this consistently over time, we can literally achieve dreams we had as kids (speaking from experience).

I love that we get to travel for business to some of the coolest places and while we are doing business, we have so much fun because that like-minded tribe we attracted is who we spend our time with! As former Division 1 athletes and veterans, my husband and I love that this gives us the opportunity to be a part of a team while still being at home full times to raise and homeschool our five children. I love that this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme and appreciate that it took Ray and me 6 years to finally make 6 figures with this because it forced us to become the type of people that deserve that level of income and lifestyle. Anything that comes too fast generally will not last because long-term wealth requires a solid foundation. In my opinion, While there is no perfect business, this business is the best out there. I could literally go on for days.


“What I love about this business is the ability to take care of my family fully and completely and set my own schedule to what works for us and the freedom to travel and be a part of every activity they have.”


“We get to work with people who share our beliefs and dreams and when we lift each other up, we all rise. I think that’s a business model for success!”


Coming from corporate America, I always felt like a tiny part in the huge corporate machine, an extra in the movie of my life. I can remember the exact moment I knew something had to give… something had to change.

I was a slave to the 9-5 grind and I was missing out on these precious moments with my children. Network marketing, this company and this team helped me change my story and I’m so thankful for this opportunity. 



Is this right for you?

I’m sure you still have questions after watching the business overview. Click the button below to get your questions answered, and let’s chat to see if this is a right fit for you!

Is this right for you?


I’m sure you still have questions after watching the business overview. Click the button below to get your questions answered, and let’s chat to see if this is a right fit for you