Every function in our body rely on enzymes.

Enzymes = molecules which = energy which = healthy cell function.

We don’t want unhealthy cell function! Having unhealthy cells is when we start to feel sick. Things like fatigue, joint pain, stomach issues, skin rashes all start to become our daily norm. So what are the sneaky culprits that damage our enzymes and cells?

Toxins – They are the sneaky culprits that keep us sick!

They lower the body’s ability to prevent free radical damage. The actual term is called oxidative stress. It’s cellular damage. This will damage organs and systems. If you have toxins overloading your kidneys and liver your body won’t be able to effectively flush out toxins. This is why liver support especially during illness and chronic illness is so vital! We need to support the liver so it can flush toxins. Its our filter!

Sneaky toxins also have the ability to suppress our gene expression. Our genes normally switch off and on to adapt to changes in our body when we are exposed to chemicals, emfs, pesticides etc. With too many toxins this process is harder to do. This is how toxic mold can make a person physically ill! It will build up in the system from high amounts of toxins and the body can’t keep up. Oftentimes, people with variants of the MTHFR gene really have a hard time keeping up. EVERYONE can benefit from supporting detox, but people with MTHFR have an inability to detoxify at 100%. It is even more important to support detox if you or your child is someone with that genetic predisposition!

Toxins block hormones which ultimately lead to a lot of chronic fatigue and endocrine disruption as well. Welcome afternoon crashes and terrible PMS!

So if we know these things about toxins how can we combat them and stay healthy? This week I want to give you 3 simple hacks that will help you reduce your toxic load and keep your cells healthy and thriving!

#1 Avoid toxins as much as possible to begin with – Switch to non toxic cleaners, diffusers vs candles, non toxic personal care products, and organic foods as much as you can!

#2. Eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies🍓🍇🍏  They were created for us to consume for a reason. Why? They contain antioxidants. Antioxidants combat free radical damage from toxins and lower oxidative stress. The more whole organic foods you can eat the better!

#3. Increase your body’s own detox defense system by activating the body to produce more glutathione. Dr. Mark Hyman calls this the most important molecule in the body! When you activate the body to produce more glutathione, it is a powerful tool to help the body fight off and flush out toxins 24/7. We can keep our homes as toxin free as possible, but the real key is in optimizing your body’s own ability to combat toxins and oxidative stress from within. Let’s face it, in today’s world we live in toxic soup, and the moment we step outside we are exposed!

I never knew that it was possible to increase the body’s own detox defense system until a handful of years ago. When I saw the science it was fascinating! It has been one of the most helpful tools in my own health and family, as well as many clients. Want to see how you can actually flip on genetic switches in your body to increase your detox defense system? Check this out: https://holisticlivingwithholli.lifevantage.com/us-en/flip?validated

Can your kids use this? Can you use this? How does it work? Does it interfere with other supplements? Those were all questions I had when I was researching this topic. You know it is always my passion to support you and equip you with the tools you need to take your health back naturally! As my gift to you, you can feel free to schedule a free 30 min discovery session with me and get you supported and questions answered. You can find out if this is a resource that works for you!

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PS. When given the proper tools, the body has amazing abilities to transform!

Be Well, 

Holli Nesbitt 

Functional Medicine Health Coach & Wellness Entrepreneur 

Helping You Improve Your Health Naturally and Create a Lifestyle You Love!