What chemicals should you be avoiding to keep your thyroid healthy?  

So You knew you didn’t feel well, and you suspected it was related to your thyroid. It just took your doctor and labs a couple of years to catch up. If you were one of the lucky ones, your doctor prescribed you some pharma magic pills and BOOM you were able to shed your extra weight, you finally had normal bathroom bowel movements, and for the first time in years your energy was back! Oh yea, your hair was starting to grow back in and it looked HEALTHY like you always wanted! That was simple right?! Pop a pill and be done! 

Let me guess, you weren’t so lucky and you’re still dealing with all the nagging symptoms? If that is you, you are likely dealing with constipation, feeling cold all the time, fatigue, thinning hair, and weight gain on the daily. And let me tell you a little secret…..that is MOST women! That magic pharma pill isn’t so magic and most women still struggle. You are not alone! 

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, that has recovered from pre hashimoto’s and all the horrid symptoms of thyroid issues, I’m so passionate about helping you connect the dots from your symptoms to root causes so you can get your thyroid health back on track and ultimately feel like yourself again! 

The most impactful thing you can do today to start improving your thyroid health is start removing toxins from your life. Your thyroid gland is very sensitive to toxins and chemicals, so it is vital to detox your body as well as make non- toxic swaps as much as you can so you are not exposing yourself and causing more of a burden to your thyroid.

The task of making non-toxic swaps can feel like a bit of a mountain in the beginning, and it is just one area to focus on when recovering your thyroid health. Of course diet, stress, and gut health also play a huge role, but let’s be real and raw here. It’s best to focus on one topic at a time. That is how we get to the goal we want to achieve! Success never happens overnight, but it DOES happen when we implement change overtime! 


So where do you begin? 

Step 1 –  Check out Deborah’s story and hear how she recovered. You will glean a lot of inspiration and tips from her! Together we go over some strategies I teach my clients to improve their thyroid health and how Deborah got amazing results following the same strategies. This is a sneak peak into how you can start improving your thyroid today!

Check out our interview here:





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Step 2 – Download your cheat sheet below. You can print it and take to the store or you can save a screenshot so it’s on your phone. The cheat sheet has a list of common chemicals found in personal care items you will certianly want to avoid. I also give you some resources on where to find my favorite non toxic swaps (the link at the bottom of the cheat sheet will send you there) so you can feel empowered with non toxic swap options and knowledge to avoid the nasty hidden chemicals that are wrecking your thyroid!