Supplements to Help Improve Your Gut Health


In this day and age, there seem to be pills for just about everything. People everywhere are striving to improve health so they can look and feel better, but what about their digestive health? It happens to be a fact that digestion is such an essential part of health that it can even affect your skin health. Fortunately, some people have foreseen many of these issues and it provides natural solutions for digestive problems. I know there are a million and one supplements out there, and this topic can seem downright overwhelming! Lucky for you, I like to keep things simple and easy to implement! After all, if something is too complicated will we actually use it? Likely not! So let’s dive into a few simple supplements that will empower you and your family this week to stay healthy! 

Fiber From Colorful Organic Produce 

Adding in a variety of phytonutrients into your diet can do wonders for your gut health, immunity, and energy! Fiber helps to carry toxins out of the digestive tract. When we don’t get enough, we end up getting poor digestion, which leads to recirculating toxins in our blood stream, and feeling really lousy. I don’t know about you, but no thanks! So how can you actually make sure you are getting enough colors and fiber in?

Check out this cute little chart PDF below! My kids and I love to print this out and put it on our fridge. In fact, sometimes we do little competitions to see who can get all their colors in for the day. That motivates them to eat squash when nothing else will!! haha Simply eat one food from each color category per day! You’ll be amazed at how much nutrients you can pack in a day, AND you’ll be filling up on real food vs processed foods! My son especially loves to make smoothies with fruits and veggies and we add in prebiotic orange powder to help add in more gut healing benefits. Yum Yum!

His fiber rich & gut supporting smoothie ingredients:

Mixed berries, fresh organic greens, unsweetened almond milk, prebiotic orange powder, unsweetened collagen protein powder.

Download or Print Your Phytonutrient Chart Here: 06-Phytonutrient-Spectrum-Foods

Pro & Prebiotics

Probiotics (meaning life) and prebiotics (food for probiotics) are such powerful tools to use to promote gut health. Not all on the market are created equal, and sadly a lot of people are paying for expensive pee! Making sure your pro and prebiotics survive stomach acid, have a high absorption rate, and work together is key! If you need help in finding pro and prebiotics that are quality and perform well, shoot me a message over on Facebook here:

I’d be happy to share with you what I use with my clients and get you plugged into some resources that fit your needs. As a health coach, I love empowering you with holistic tools that can support you and your family! I also share some great resources in my fb community here:


These can be a serious life saver!! Adding in digestive enzymes with meals can really help you to avoid bloating, abdominal distention, slow digestion etc. They are a great addition to help you break down your food. If we don’t break down our food, it will sit in the digestive tract and bad bacteria will grow. This will contribute to skin rashes, fatigue, and tummy troubles. No one wants any of those things!


Fungus in the body is never a good thing.  While having some around and in you is nearly inevitable, it’s a good idea to do what you can to prevent the buildup of dangerous fungus like candida yeast. These yeasts can grow and disrupt digestion. They can even cause severe illnesses and contribute to conditions that lead to even more serious diseases. Below are some top yeast killing foods  you can add to your diet to help keep your gut healthy:

Garlic – contains allicin, which zaps fungus in the intestinal tract

Coconut Oil – Contains caprylic acid, which is a great antifungal

Ginger- Ginger tea with some fresh lemon and stevia is a yummy combo.


Be Well, 

Holli Nesbitt 

Functional Medicine Health Coach & Wellness Entrepreneur 

Helping You Improve Gut Health Naturally & Create a Lifestyle You Love!