Functional Medicine Health Coach, Business Mentor, Wellness Entrepreneur, Lover of Natural Healing

Hi! I’m Holli. It’s nice to meet you!

I teach people how to heal holistically and live a natural lifestyle for long term success. When you work with me we focus on nutrition, gut health, and detoxifying the body!

I had a rough road that led me to where I am today…….

My husband and I had two children and had been married for about ten years when my health really came to a nasty crash. My dad had passed away from cancer and we were going through hard family times. My stress was through the roof.  I had been experiencing gut issues, and a lot of fatigue, but we weren’t sure why. I exhausted the two local gastrointerologists in my area, and at this point still had very limited answers with raging gut issues daily. You know the kind that really disrupt your life and you wish so badly would just go away! That led me to seek for alternatives online. I found a wonderful woman that helped me understand the power of healing holistically. She helped us figure out we were dealing with an environmental toxicity which triggered my autoimmunity and several chronic systemic infections and massive gut inflammation. We ended up having to move out of our home because the environment was making me sick.

I can tell you all of this in a nutshell now, but at the time it was quite the mystery. No doctor could figure me out, and in the meantime I was experiencing so much weight loss, fatigue, and bloating. My stomach was killing me on the daily. My joints and head would throb. It was awful. Turns out it wasn’t all in my head like the doctors kept trying to tell me! Side note- it’s that EXACT reason why I have a fire lit inside my soul to help those who suffer. It is not in your head!

Long story short we began addressing the root causes to the “rats nest” I was in! I did eventually find a local functional medicine doctor and some really helpful resources. It wasn’t easy, but I can say that I’m forever grateful to the people God brought into my life to help me in those really hard years.

Just looking at this photo from a handful of years ago brings back many emotions. You can see the pain in my eyes. Clearly I was “faking it until I made it” on the daily. I was far from thriving and feeling well.

The moment I was given tools to take my health back was the moment I started to heal…..

After adopting a natural lifestyle approach I really started to see glimpses of progress, but it did not happen overnight that is for sure!  I realized I really needed to get to the root of the problem and figure out what foods were firing me up and what foods I needed to nourish my depleted body. With having environmental toxins I really needed to optimize detox as well. I had to because at this point I was a whopping 90lbs and low weight wasn’t my only issue! My health had really gotten worse and I resorted to IV therapy bi-weekly to sustain my energy. The process of getting out of that dark place in my health really was a journey. It was filled with tears, sadness, frustration, confusion, and anger. If there is one thing I can say it’s that God got me through it! There were times amidst all of this my body stopped producing a period because is was so unhealthy it couldn’t perform its basic functions. When I say I was sick, that seems like an understatement. Looking back I can say the areas that I focused in on that really helped me the most were improving my gut health, detoxing my body, and figuring out what foods were fueling inflammation in my body vs nourishing it. Thankfully God brought me out of that darkness, and we were also blessed with a third child. We named him after my dad! My healing was a journey that took several years. As much as you want a quick fix, there simply just isn’t any overnight fix to such chronic issues, but all my efforts were well worth it! Now we are able to go on family hikes and enjoy life like it’s intended to be enjoyed. We were able to hike in Salt Lake City, Utah, which was a dream of mine. I always wanted to go as a family. Not only did we get to go, but I had the strength to enjoy it! I got through that hard time and survived, but because of all that I knew I wanted to help other people struggling with fatigue, gut issues, and all the things a person experiences when their body is screaming for a detox!

I realized I could help people alone, or I could help thousands with the power of collaboration so this is what I did…..

I created an online wellness group called Holistic Living with Holli – Gut + nutrition+ detox. It’s a place of support and community to help those suffering from chronic gut distress, food sensitivities, and people seeking help with where to start on how to live a non toxic lifestyle and detox. Have you ever felt like you could benefit from the support of a community of people striving to make the same lifestyle changes as you? That’s exactly why this community exists- to help give you that support! I also decided to collaborate with the people that God brought into my life back in those dark days so I could get my message out to the people that I knew really needed it. I knew I wanted to leverage my love for wellness (b/c a 9-5 secretary job really didn’t excite me….no offense to secretaries, it just wasn’t my calling). I knew I didn’t just go through all of those hard years for nothing, but to be honest, the online business models really confused me and I didn’t want to dive into mass confusion trying to figure it out. With the power of our teams marketing strategies and collaboration we reach more lives than I ever could alone. If you’ve ever felt like you’re passion is holistic healing and you want to help others trust me when I say you are needed in this world! You don’t need a fancy degree, you literally need the bravery to share your story, and a love in your heart for others. Our team is all about systems and plugging people into the resources they need to be successful in business and wellness. I think it is safe to say it is one of the best jobs in the world! So that’s my life in a nutshell over the past handful of years. Let’s switch roles and you tell me about yourself! I’d love to hear how I can support you!

My soul is set on fire by helping others in their health and also leveraging their love for wellness. The more people we reach the more lives get changed! How can I help you?

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